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Generative AI democratizes creativity, generating AI-crafted texts, music, and images. identifAI pioneers discerning human-AI creations, bolstering authenticity with advanced models. Amid evolving creativity, it upholds transparency in AI’s impact.

Determine whether an image has been generated by artificial intelligence or a human.

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identifAI’s research births a dependable solution using AI, linguistic analysis, and style identification, advancing technology and human ingenuity. As tech expands, identifAI safeguards creative integrity, empowering recognition of unique human-AI contributions, illuminating innovation’s fusion of human thought and technology.

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At identifAI, we firmly believe that every human being holds the right to discern whether what they are seeing has been originated from an artificial system or a human creator.

Hence, we have taken the initiative to develop an advanced artificial intelligence model, dedicated to the task of distinguishing whether the author is an artificial entity or a human individual.


In a world where creative boundaries are continuously being expanded by technological advancements, our mission is to ensure transparency and authenticity in the realm of generative AI.


We acknowledge the growing influence of AI-generated content across various domains and the potential it holds to reshape how we perceive creativity.

Accurate solution

Through meticulous research and innovative model development, we aim to provide a reliable and accurate solution that empowers individuals to make informed judgments about the origin of the content they engage with.


start: Load the image to analyze

identifAI process the image

find out where the image came from


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{[{“verdict”:” artificial”},...]}


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“Why” identifAI

Our cutting-edge model is designed to analyze intricate patterns, linguistic nuances, and artistic styles present in a wide array of creative outputs. By leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning techniques, we have engineered a system capable of identifying subtle differentiators that set human-generated content apart from that crafted by artificial intelligence. This pioneering approach not only showcases the rapid progress in the field of AI but also underscores our commitment to upholding the essence of human ingenuity. As technology continues to push the boundaries of what

is achievable, we remain steadfast in our dedication to maintaining the integrity of creative expression. The identifAI platform stands as a testament to our belief that while AI can undoubtedly amplify and inspire, it is imperative to provide individuals with the means to distinguish and appreciate the unique contributions of both human and artificial creators. In a world where the lines between creator and creation may blur, identifAI serves as a beacon of clarity, empowering individuals to unravel the captivating tapestry of innovation woven by both man and machine.


identifAI is an innovative platform driven by advanced artificial intelligence technologies that aims to distinguish between creative works produced by humans and those generated by artificial intelligence systems. It focuses on ensuring transparency and authenticity in the realm of generative AI. By employing cutting-edge AI models, linguistic analysis, and artistic style identification, identifAI provides a reliable solution for individuals to determine the origin of various forms of content, including texts, music, and images. This platform stands as a beacon of clarity, empowering individuals to differentiate and appreciate the unique contributions of both human and AI creators in an ever-evolving creative landscape.

identifAI employs sophisticated algorithms and cutting-edge machine learning techniques for image analysis, enabling the identification of indications of AI-based creation. Our service juxtaposes the provided image with established patterns, artifacts, and attributes from diverse AI models and human-generated images, facilitating the discernment of the content’s source.

identifAI is compatible with commonly used image formats such as JPEG and PNG. In case your image is in a different format, kindly convert it to one of the supported formats before proceeding with the upload.

identifAI employes proprietary state-of-the-art algorithms, this system is meticulously engineered to yield outcomes of unparalleled precision. It’s crucial to comprehend that each result generated by this system is an intricate fusion of underlying probabilities.

We hold data privacy and security in the highest regard. Uploaded images undergo analysis without extended storage on our servers, aligning with industry best practices and pertinent data protection regulations. It’s important to highlight that we are fully compliant with GDPR standards. For a comprehensive understanding, please consult our Privacy Policy.

Indeed, our API provides the opportunity for streamlined integration into your platform, facilitating bulk image analysis. To initiate this process, kindly complete the form, granting access to our API and documentation page. This valuable resource offers comprehensive guidance on commencing your journey.

identifAI does not specifically focus on the issue of fake news. Our objective is to develop cutting-edge technology that can discern the source of content, distinguishing whether it originates from a human or an artificial intelligence model. This emphasis is distinct from the realm of fake news.

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